Harm Reduction Holidays

Often Harm Reduction programs and providers are doing life saving work without the financial support they deserve. This holiday season let’s show them some love! Below is a list of fundraising links for programs/providers that could use some financial support. ❤ Share what you can and spread the word. ❤ (contact to add to… Continue reading Harm Reduction Holidays

They Already Knew They Were Sacred

Written for The Word Is Resistance Podcast. You can listen to the episode here. :: TRANSCRIPT :: Week: April 29th, 2018 Podcaster: Blyth Barnow Scripture: *Acts 8:26-40 :: INTRO :: Welcome back to “The Word is Resistance,” a podcast exploring what our sacred texts have to teach us about living, surviving, and thriving in the… Continue reading They Already Knew They Were Sacred

Femmes, You Are NEVER Too Difficult To Love

(click to start playing, click on YouTube symbol to see full list of songs) A love letter to all the mean scary Femmes. Love songs for Femmes who have been made to feel like their greatness is a burden. Like they are too bright, too emotional, too boundaried, too intense. You are not too much.… Continue reading Femmes, You Are NEVER Too Difficult To Love