Naloxone Saves Tour

When I created this service 3 years ago I always dreamed of taking it all over the state of Ohio. Now it’s happening.

In 2017 over 4,854 Ohioans died of an unintentional drug overdose. We know that some of these deaths were preventable, a grief that is sometimes too heavy to bear.

In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, we are embarking on a statewide tour of a worship service called Naloxone Saves. This service celebrates the power of resurrection by training people to recognize and respond to an opiate overdose and supporting the community distribution of naloxone. Everyone in attendance will leave with a free naloxone kit.

Naloxone can reverse an opiate overdose. It has the power to save lives. It has the power to resurrect. Unfortunately many Ohioans find it difficult to access this medication, even though it is supposed to be available at pharmacies without a prescription.

People who use drugs and their loved ones often fear judgment and stigma when accessing support through pharmacies, public health departments, and sometimes their doctor. This is why faith communities must bridge the gap. As Christians we must ensure that people have access to this life saving medication. Sometimes grief, hurt, and misinformation gets in the way of our radical welcome of people who use drugs and those struggling with addiction but we can change that.

We warmly invite you, people who use drugs, and their loved ones to join us for this respectful, non-judgmental, service. You do not need to be Christian, religious, or sober to attend.


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