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2019 :: Clergy For A New Drug Policy. People Who Use Drugs Are Beloved By God
2019 :: Columbus Dispatch. Column: State lacks common-sense responses to overdose
2016 :: Everyday Feminism. 4 Myths About Drug Users I Unlearned After Losing Someone I Loved to Overdose

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2019 :: Columbus Dispatch.
Faith leaders told that reversing overdoses among drug users is an act of resurrection

2019 :: United Church of Christ. Harm reduction ministries welcome drug users, save lives
2019 :: Columbus Alive. Blyth Barnow preaches harm reduction in Naloxone Saves service
2019 :: United Church of Christ. After overdose, funeral becomes ‘very different offering of the love of God’
2019 :: Faith In Public Life. Naloxone Saves Tour

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