Queer. Femme. Working Class.
Preacher. Harm Reductionist. Advocate. 

I went to seminary to learn how to hold spiritual space for the communities I come from. People deemed “too much” for the church. Too difficult, too poor, too addicted, too queer, too sexual, too political. These are the people who raised me. These are the people who taught me about the sacred.

I put myself through seminary by working at the Harm Reduction Coalition. Now that I’ve graduated, I am preaching, leading workshops, creating rituals, and pursuing ordination in the United Church of Christ (UCC).

Interested in having me speak, preach, or facilitate a workshop?
Email me at femminary@gmail.com, call 510-901-1262, or fill out the form below.



Blyth Barnow is a queer, white, femme raised working class in Ohio. She now lives in Oakland, CA and is a writer, preacher, and community organizer. In 2015 she launched Femminary, an online ministry with a working class, femme, perspective. She is a harm reductionist, survivor advocate, and practical theologian. Her work focuses on reclaiming dignity by finding Divinity in the profane. She recently graduated from Pacific School Of Religion where she received a Master of Divinity (MDiv) and the Paul Wesley Yinger Preaching Award.


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