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Worship & Workshops:

Naloxone Saves: Overdose Prevention As Resurrection.
Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US. As Christians we are called to be people of resurrection. How does our faith call us to respond? This worship service focuses on Overdose Prevention through a Christian lens. Our service will include  music, ritual, and training in how to reverse an overdose and save someones life. Real life resurrection.

Finding Divinity In The Profane. A Writing Workshop
pro·fane; adjective: 1) relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; secular rather than religious. The secular IS sacred. Together we’ll reclaim profanity as the root of our divinity. Our time will be spent responding to writing prompts, sharing, and reflecting on what it means to find divinity in our daily lives.

A Faithful Response to Domestic Violence
In this interactive workshop we will explore what a faithful response to domestic violence looks like in congregational and community settings. Using an intersectional lens we will begin with a brief training on domestic violence 101. From there we will brainstorm creative, practical, and empowered ways to respond to violence and support Survivors.

All workshops are customizable. I’m open to working with you to create a workshop based on the needs of your community. 


I am available for a variety of speaking and preaching events. Including pulpit supply and guest lectures. Topics I enjoy addressing are:

  • Overdose Prevention From A Christian Perspective
  • Reclaiming Divinity, When The Church Says You Are Too Much (Or Not Enough)
  • Grief For Queer People, Femmes, Organizers, And Harm Reductionists
  • Combatting Racism As A White Person
  • Working Class Theology
  • The Theology Of Harm Reduction

Ritual Support:

I love creating nuanced and personal rituals to help folks mark meaningful moments of their life. Too often queer folks, drug users, sex workers, and others on the margin lack access to ritual support that is respectful and resonant. I offer support for:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Ritualizing Grief
  • And Other Transitional Moments