Support Sex Workers

Going to see Hustlers? I am too. While we are at it let’s send some $$$$ to organizations that support real folks doing real work (yes, I know it is based on a true story…you know what I mean). I’m going to take the amount I spent on my movie ticket, multiply it by 5 and pass that amount on to one of these incredible sex worker led organizatons. Join me!

In April 2018 the dangerous and misguided FOSTA-SESTA was passed. This legislation has increased the danger and isolation that folks doing sex work face and has decreased their ability to screen clients for safety. Folks doing sex work deserve our support. So take a look and chip in!

Women With A Vision, Inc. : Created by and for women of color, WWAV is a social justice non-profit that addresses issues faced by women within our community and region. Major areas of focus include Sex Worker Rights, Drug Policy Reform, HIV Positive Women’s Advocacy, and Reproductive Justice outreach.

Whose Corner Is It Anyway : a mutual aid, harm reduction, political education, and organizing group led by stimulant and opioid using low-income, survival, or street-based sex workers. All members are current or former low income sex workers.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle : the first sex worker-led fund housed at a U.S. foundation, with the dual goal of funding a diverse range of sex worker-led groups throughout the country and bringing current and former sex workers to the philanthropic decision-making table.

Migrant Sex Workers Project : a grassroots group of migrants, sex workers, and allies who demand safety and dignity for all sex workers regardless of immigration status. We are creating tools that migrant sex workers use to protect themselves against human rights violations, educating the public about the dangers of anti-trafficking and advocating to change policies that hurt and exploit migrants in the sex trade.

HIPS : We believe that those engaged in sex work, sex trade, and drug use should be able to live healthy, self-determined, and self-sufficient lives free from stigma, violence, criminalization or oppression. We will achieve this through engaging sex workers, drug users and our communities in challenging structural barriers to health, safety, and prosperity.

St. James Infirmary : the first occupational health and safety clinic in the U.S. run by Sex Workers for Sex Workers!

Bay Area Workers Support (BAWS) : A group of Bay Area advocates that work for the health, safety, and livelihoods of sex workers in the wake of Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (FOSTA/SESTA) legislation.

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