Harm Reduction Holidays

Harm Reduction Holidays (1)

Often Harm Reduction programs and providers are doing life saving work without the financial support they deserve. This holiday season let’s show them some love! Below is a list of fundraising links for programs/providers that could use some financial support.
Share what you can and spread the word.
(contact femminary@gmail.com to add to the list)

I have been working on helping prevent drug overdose by teaching people how to test the drugs they’re using and by training in opioid overdose Reversal. I travel, test, teach to test, provide test strips, and education. The test strips cost me $1 a piece, so as you can well imagine, going thru a box of 100 is very easy. The money I’m asking for is to continue to buy the strips and for travel to all the places I go to help folks out.

Jess and Caty are two harm reduction activists representing the New England Users’ Union who believe active users don’t deserve to be sentenced to an easily preventable death. They’re raising money to buy test strips for Jess to hand out in Northampton and the greater Hampshire County area and for Caty to hand out in Holyoke and Hampden County. Through chapters of the New England Users’ Union, the strips will also be distributed to users in parts of Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

All money raised will go toward the process of applying for 501c3 status which is important for us to qualify for grants to continue providing syringe exchange and naloxone and to the purchase of safer injection supplies.

Next is a mail-based harm reduction project that is working to meet the immediate needs of people who use drugs in rural and suburban communities across in the US. We pay for all our shipping costs with GoFundMe/individual donations. We spend hundreds of $$ per month shipping supplies, it’s money well spent but a funding need that foundations haven’t been excited about supporting. Folks who want their donations to be tax deductible can visit our Donate page (nextdistro.org/donate).

Whose Corner Is It Anyway is a Western MA harm reduction task force led by injection-drug-using low-income and survival sex workers who are mostly street-based, many of whom are houseless or living in unstable housing. We low-income sex workers have created a weekly community and organizing meeting for ourselves–a haven. We’ve been raising cold hard cash for a task force meeting every week, to provide a $25 stipend for 20 street workers or other low-income sex workers to attend, as well as $15 on the off weeks for attendance at the agenda-setting premeetings. Their work and leadership are valuable and deserve to be compensated.

Louise Vincent is a passionate harm reduction advocate and Director of the Urban Survivors Union (USU, Piedmont Branch), a drug user union in North Carolina. 2 years ago, Louise was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident and ultimately she lost her leg to amputation. Louise finally received her leg prosthesis. But “I’m required to co-pay 20% of $100,000 in monthly installments of $1000.00 per month for 20 months. This is a hardship for me as I do not make a wage that can support my basic needs.”You can also support Louise by supporting another fundraiser on her behalf here.

Megan is harm Reduction family and she’s going through an extremely rough period. Please consider kicking something in to help her.

Southside Harm Reduction is a mobile syringe exchange and harm reduction program. Our mission is promoting the right to health, safety, and autonomy for people who use drugs. A kit of new equipment needed for safe use costs about $3-5. A $5 donation will allow somebody to use safely for a week, possibly preventing a lifetime cost of injury or disease.

Funds will go towards a down payment on a functional vehicle, getting some tshirts printed up, and continuing to supply drug users the crucial fentanyl testing strips.

Steady distributes clean syringes, naloxone, fentanyl test kits, educational materials, and referrals to treatment upon request. This work is now being threatened by the City of Asheville. We need your support to resist gentrification, protecting harm reduction services and the spaces that support them!

St James Infirmary is an occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers. We provide free health care and social services to people of all genders who have worked or currently work in the sex industry. Please help us with moving costs and re-establishing a beautiful new space for our staff, volunteers, participants and community members.

Sheila Humphrey-Craig needs in-kind donations of tampons, intramuscular syringes, and naloxones. You can contact her through messenger on facebook.

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