Femminary, An Introduction

In Fall of 2014 I started my first year in a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) program at a progressive Christian Seminary. I’ve been working hard not to freak the fuck out ever since.

See, I wasn’t raised in “the church”. In fact my Mother tried to forbid me from going to the Southern Baptist church I attended for a few years in adolescence. Lord, I should have listened. But that’s a story for another post. Suffice it to say that I left that church when the Pastor preached against his sister because she was queer and I gave one of my first hand jobs in a pew during Sunday service.

Since then I’ve been milling around pushing my own gay agenda. I’ve spent my time as a community organizer, sex educator, survivor advocate, and a writer. I’ve got a loud mouth, crass humor, and an aversion to authority. So, yanno, Seminary makes perfect sense….

For the past year my life has felt a bit…divided. Pervy, radical, queers vs Seminary. The violent hegemonic forces of christianty make it kinda hard to talk casually about school at the potluck, yanno? Folks get a lil nervous. Like maybe I turned into a creepy christian pod person when they weren’t looking. I haven’t, but I understand the fear. And you can only drop so many F-bombs, call bullshit on racist / classist readings so many times, and talk about masturbation in your Tuesday morning class so often before you begin to feel like some sort of hulked up Roseanne-like caricature crushing the dreams of nice liberal white christians everywhere.

So here I am blogging about it. Trying to make sense of the pieces of my life. Take it all with a big ol’ grain of salt. Or, perhaps you’d be more comfortable approaching it with a hermeneutic of generosity. Yanno, whatever floats your boat.

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