Femmes, You Are NEVER Too Difficult To Love

(click to start playing, click on YouTube symbol to see full list of songs) A love letter to all the mean scary Femmes. Love songs for Femmes who have been made to feel like their greatness is a burden. Like they are too bright, too emotional, too boundaried, too intense. You are not too much.… Continue reading Femmes, You Are NEVER Too Difficult To Love

Resources On Queer Misogyny Compiled By Femmes

Resources on Queer Misogyny, Transmisogyny, and Misogyny In General Compiled by Blyth Barnow from the brilliance found in the Femme Secret Society facebook group Header image created by the Femme who runs Wicked Queer This list of articles was generated as a result of countless conversations between Femmes about how to navigate the intense misogyny they… Continue reading Resources On Queer Misogyny Compiled By Femmes

Broken Things. A Eulogy

for Amanda "Arkansassy" Harris and All Of Us Amanda…... *pause* Strange isn’t it. How the sound of her name holds a new weight. As if it were an incantation. Or a lament. Strange how the whisper of her name can sometimes feel like a scream. That’s what grief does. It transforms. It disfigures. It makes… Continue reading Broken Things. A Eulogy

What I (think I) Know About Grief Is….

What I (think I) know about grief is…. It makes you forget. You get lost driving to work. You never know what day it is. You forget your lovers name, just for a second. What I (think I) know about grief is…. It changes time. You say last week. What you mean is yesterday. An… Continue reading What I (think I) Know About Grief Is….

Sermon. The Wisdom Within Us

In response to Proverbs 8: 1-4, 22-31. Written for Open Door UMC on my last day.  I remember the weeks gearing up to my first semester in Seminary. It was a mix of emotions. There was something in the guts of me that was steady, calm, and excited. There was a knowing somewhere that this… Continue reading Sermon. The Wisdom Within Us

Ungracious Saints

So, I’ve been writing a lot of sermons lately…. Yeah. It’s really weird. Right now I’ve got two jobs. I work at the Harm Reduction Coalition and I work as the Pastoral Intern at a Methodist church. Sex work, drug use, and church ladies. There’s more crossover than you might think. A year and a… Continue reading Ungracious Saints

Sermon. A Woman Deeply Troubled

  “I am a woman deeply troubled” We live in troubling times. In the past few days we have been troubled by the attacks in Paris. We have been troubled by the attacks in Beirut. In Baghdad. In Syria. And more. We have been troubled as we see whose lives are being grieved loudly and… Continue reading Sermon. A Woman Deeply Troubled

Femminary, An Introduction

In Fall of 2014 I started my first year in a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) program at a progressive Christian Seminary. I’ve been working hard not to freak the fuck out ever since. See, I wasn’t raised in “the church”. In fact my Mother tried to forbid me from going to the Southern Baptist church… Continue reading Femminary, An Introduction