Sermon. “We Are Powerful Beyond Measure”

I kept pondering this week's theme, being thunderstruck. What exactly does it mean? Is it a good thing? A bad thing? I googled it, I looked in the dictionary, I watched an AC/DC video called Thunderstruck, nothing really helped. The answer seems ambiguous at best. However, it had me thinking about a popular quote from… Continue reading Sermon. “We Are Powerful Beyond Measure”

Ungracious Saints

So, I’ve been writing a lot of sermons lately…. Yeah. It’s really weird. Right now I’ve got two jobs. I work at the Harm Reduction Coalition and I work as the Pastoral Intern at a Methodist church. Sex work, drug use, and church ladies. There’s more crossover than you might think. A year and a… Continue reading Ungracious Saints

Sermon. Birthing The Sacred and Subversive

In Response To: Luke 1:39-45 I’ve always felt drawn to Mary. There is something about her that resonated for me. Some secret power I felt she had. Some way of approaching the world that I wanted to learn from. At home I have an altar. It’s a collection of various things that remind me of… Continue reading Sermon. Birthing The Sacred and Subversive

A Service For Us. A Funeral Reimagined

For Erich Kotschi (1982-2004) 11 years ago today was Kotschi's funeral. I was heartbroken and unbelievably angry. That service wasn't what I wanted for him or for us. His parents fundamentalist faith wouldn't allow him his dignity even in death. He deserved better. I wrote this funeral service last semester. It is a reimagining of… Continue reading A Service For Us. A Funeral Reimagined

Sermon. A Woman Deeply Troubled

  “I am a woman deeply troubled” We live in troubling times. In the past few days we have been troubled by the attacks in Paris. We have been troubled by the attacks in Beirut. In Baghdad. In Syria. And more. We have been troubled as we see whose lives are being grieved loudly and… Continue reading Sermon. A Woman Deeply Troubled

Sermon. The Dignity of Toilet Water

Ever since I started Seminary people have been asking me the same question: Why? Now, that why looks different in different situations. Sometimes it’s a simple, why the change? Sometimes it’s, what called you to ministry? Sometimes it’s, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I’m never quite sure what I’m gonna get. So I watch people's… Continue reading Sermon. The Dignity of Toilet Water

Overdose Awareness. Grief, Respect, and Power.

Written for the San Francisco Overdose Awareness Day event, August 30th, 2015. I was 20 when overdose first touched my life. I lost one of my deepest loves, his name was Kotschi. Grief makes some people uncomfortable. They don’t know what to do or say. They start shifting their weight from one foot to the… Continue reading Overdose Awareness. Grief, Respect, and Power.

White People, Racism, and Doubting Thomas.

A sermon inspired by John 20:24-29 “Blessed are those who have not seen yet have come to believe.” The Gospel of John is full of issues of believability. Again and again this issue of belief and disbelief comes up. In fact, Jesus spends most of that Gospel trying to show folks who he is. He turns… Continue reading White People, Racism, and Doubting Thomas.

Femminary, An Introduction

In Fall of 2014 I started my first year in a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) program at a progressive Christian Seminary. I’ve been working hard not to freak the fuck out ever since. See, I wasn’t raised in “the church”. In fact my Mother tried to forbid me from going to the Southern Baptist church… Continue reading Femminary, An Introduction