Fellow Christians, It Is Not Enough To March In Our Parade

“it’s great to see religious communities represented in the parade but it would be nice to have them show up at moments like this”

One of my dearest friends sent me an email last week after going toe to toe with one of those bullshit hateful “preachers” that like to show up at Queer events. He was frustrated that he and other queer folks were left to interrupt him and asked if there were any faith based organizations that took this on. There aren’t, that I know of. But I thought his point was a good one.

For folks showing up to Pride with their churches, particularly straight, cis, white folks, how are you being an actual ally to the Queer and Trans communities while you are there?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Respect Pride as a space of Queer and Trans resistance. Know the history. It may look like a big silly party, but I assure you it’s much more than that.
  2. Be the person that responds to any homophobia, transphobia, or racism you witness. Give us a break.
  3. Talk to the street “preachers” shouting hate over megaphones. Maybe you won’t get anywhere, but the time they spend talking to you is time they aren’t yelling at Queer people.
  4. Be on the lookout for straight tourists (particularly cis men) at Pride who are taking pictures of people without their consent. If you see someone take a photo without consent please speak up and tell them it is disrespectful and inappropriate. Ask them to delete the photo and watch as they do. Consent is required. No matter what we are, or aren’t, wearing.
  5. Bring a banner with you and stand in front of folks carrying hateful signs. We don’t need to see that. Ever.
  6. Remember that to support Queer and Trans people you must also vocally oppose racism. Our struggle for justice is meant to be intersectional.

Our faith requires our action, not merely our presence. And as my friend said, “i know so many ‘we aren’t all like that’ Christians who need to put their actions where their ‘i’m not like that’ is”.

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