Broken Things. A Eulogy

for Amanda "Arkansassy" Harris and All Of Us Amanda…... *pause* Strange isn’t it. How the sound of her name holds a new weight. As if it were an incantation. Or a lament. Strange how the whisper of her name can sometimes feel like a scream. That’s what grief does. It transforms. It disfigures. It makes… Continue reading Broken Things. A Eulogy

12 Years Gone

You are 12 years gone. And yet I feel you beside me. These past few months you have walked with me when others couldn’t. It was you that prepared me. I remember the phone call. The one telling me you were gone. I screamed. I fell to the floor. A scream like that, it has… Continue reading 12 Years Gone

What I (think I) Know About Grief Is….

What I (think I) know about grief is…. It makes you forget. You get lost driving to work. You never know what day it is. You forget your lovers name, just for a second. What I (think I) know about grief is…. It changes time. You say last week. What you mean is yesterday. An… Continue reading What I (think I) Know About Grief Is….